Dismissal Procedures
Please familiarize yourself with the procedures below in case your family requires an occasional change to your child/children's way home. Dismissal begins at 4 p.m. Please have transportation changes into the office by 2 p.m. On Early Release Days, dismissal begins at 1:30 p.m. and Inclement weather dismissal begins at 2:00 p.m.

Bus Loop information and Car Pick-up Lane:  If you are new to J.L.Mudd, the car pick-up lane is located in the front of the building, following our bus line.  JLM has 7 buses that park in our bus loop for dismissal. To allow for plenty of room for all of our buses and to help keep our students, buses, and cars safe, we are blocking off our bus loop starting at 2 p.m. everyday.  We are always happy to have visitors and we have reserved spaces for visitors to park located before our barricade, as shown in the picture.  If you are picking your child up in our car lane and you arrive before 4 p.m., please park on Prince Ruppert. There is a sign indicating where to begin the pickup line, as indicated in the picture.  This leaves plenty of room for our buses maneuver around the cars and access the bus loop. Please remember to attach your car sign in the visor in your vehicle to help the car pickup lane move more efficiently.   If you do not have a car sign, please feel free to call the office and we will send one home. For the safety of our school community, please remember our bus loop is a one way street and please refrain from entering through the exit of the bus loop.  If you have any questions about dismissal, please don’t hesitate to call our office. Thank you for helping keeping our school community safe.



School Bus information: If your child is riding the bus home and you need to know where and when your child will be arriving at their bus stop.  Per district policy, a kindergarten student may only be released from the bus if escorted by a sibling riding the bus who is a 3rd grader or older.  Since JLM is a K-2 school and no 3rd grade or older students ride JLM buses, our kindergarten students must have an authorized adult, a parent or a person who is listed as an emergency contact, at the bus stop to receive the student.    

School Bus Change information:  Any changes in the bus schedule of students must be handled through the Transportation Department in the District  Annex. JLM has no authority at the school level to make these changes. If a student needs to ride a bus other than their assigned bus contact transportation the day before.  If a student is riding their regular bus, but needs to get off at a different stop, contact transportation before noon on that day at 636-474-8555.

Parent Gym Sign-out:  Since our school is located near many neighborhoods, we open our gym doors at 3:45 for parents who either walk to our school or park in our back lot to pick up their child.  Parents will need to have ID ready and form a line behind their child’s grade level. If a parent has more than one child, parents will need to stand in both lines to sign out their children.  After your identification has been verified, you may place your child’s name on the sign out sheet. Parents wait for their child in the gym. Dismissal begins at 3:55 p.m.

Walkers:  Because JLM is located near many neighborhoods, we do permit students to walk home.  All k-2 students must be accompanied by an authorized adult, a parent or a person who is listed as an emergency contact.  If the older sibling is located at FPE, they will be walked to JLM by an FPE supervisor. Both the sibling and the JLM student will be dismissed after the buses.  If you are a parent wanting to walk your child home, we recommend following our Parent Gym sign-out procedure or if you are wanting to walk your child home after 3:55 p.m., please come to the front office.

Bicycle Riders:  JLM permits children to ride bicycles to and from school, but not on school grounds. All k-2 students must be accompanied by an authorized adult, a parent or a person who is listed as an emergency contact. They must be parked in the bike rack. Each student should have a lock for his/her bicycle as the school cannot be responsible for theft or damage to bicycles.  Bike riders are dismissed after buses.

Y-ClubY-club is a before and after school program housed at JLM, but is not a Fort Zumwalt program.  If you are interested in seeking child-care through this program, please contact them directly.  Students at JLM who participate in the after school Y-club will be dismissed to a classroom first and then to the large gym after school dismissal.  Parents who are picking up Y-club may do so by pressing the white button outside the front door. The after school hours are from 4:30-6:00 p.m.  

Clubs:  There are no clubs after school at JLM.  Clubs start at 8:00 a.m. and end at the start of school.  Please contact your child’s club sponsor for more information.

Early Release dismissalThere are eight district-wide Early Release Days, all Fort Zumwalt students are dismissed two-and-half hours early. Buses run their regular routes. These Wednesdays are marked with a circle on the district calendar.  During early release days, teachers collaborate to help meet the needs of students. On an early release day at JLM, our gym parent sign-out begins at 1:15 p.m. with the dismissal of all students starting at 1:30 p.m.  Early Release transportation plans were completed at the start of the school year or when you registered.  If you are unsure of the dismissal procedure listed on your child’s Early Release form, please call the office.

Inclement Weather dismissal

Fort Zumwalt has instituted a telephone broadcast system that will enable the District to notify all households and parents by phone within minutes in the event of a school closing. To learn more about how this system works and other important information, click here. The school receives the inclement weather dismissal call at the same time parents are notified.  JLM will dismiss starting at 2:00 p.m.. Any after school events, meetings, as well as facility usage will be cancelled.  If inclement weather is predicted, JET and field trips will be cancelled. Inclement weather transportation plans were completed at the start of the school year or when you registered. If you are unsure of the dismissal procedure listed on your child’s Inclement weather form, please call the office.