Staff Appreciation from our Community

Before Winter Break, JLM staff members were called to the office to receive a gift.  The gifts were donated by local businesses in appreciation of all staff members.  JLM is so grateful and honored to work in such a supportive community.  A special thank you to all who were able to donate:  

Alpha & Omega Roasting and Coffee Bar
Alpha & Omega

Best Teacher Supply
Best Teacher Supply
Christian Brothers Automotive
Christian Brothers Auto    Christian Brothers Auto  Christian Brothers Auto
Defiance Ridge Vineyards
E 'n J Designs 
E 'n J Designs
Grace's Merry-Go-Round
Grace's merry go round
Kokomo Joe's
Kokomo Joes

Linda Rombach's Personalized Cleaning

Linda rombach Personalized cleaning


Nikki Stockdell's Custom Vinyl Creations
Nikki Stockdell
Norwex:  Executive Sales Leader, Audra Salvo
O' Fallon Bowling Lanes
O'Fallon Bowl
Rendezvous Café
teacher donation rendezvous