As part of the educational team, I will provide all students, regardless of ability or economic level, support in the areas of academic, social/emotional, and career development, through classroom, small group and individual counseling, while promoting a positive and safe learning environment, where students can reach their greatest potential.

Classroom Lessons: 
One of the roles that I have is to teach counseling lessons to all classrooms. I will teach a variety of lessons on topics such as what a school counselor is/does, exploring our feelings, self-regulation, social skills, problem solving, careers, and 7 Habits.  

Small Groups:
I facilitate small groups of students who share a common issue. Group counseling can provide students with an opportunity to develop problem solving strategies, learn new skills and gain support from their peers who are experiencing similar issues. Students can oftentimes feel that they are the only ones who are feeling like they do and are reassured when they find out otherwise. These groups will meet for approximately 8-10 weeks for 30 minutes each, during the regular school day.  The topics range from social skills, changing families, anger, grief, and more. Students can ask me to be in a group themselves, or their teachers or parents can refer them for participation.

Individual Counseling:
*Counselors meet with students individually to discuss personal issues.
*Counselors meet with students individually to help with issues that occur occasionally or one time.

Will the school counselor keep my secrets?
School counselors maintain client confidentiality, except in cases of harm to self, harm to others, or harm caused by others. We also seek parent permission before a student may participate in small groups.

Mrs. Audra Salvo

School Counselor
[email protected]

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