Welcome to the JLM-FPE PTC webpage!

Our next meeting is scheduled for March 3rd at 4:30, in the FPE library. Everyone is welcome to join us! We love having new parents get involved!

A Note from PTC:


Please send in any Box Tops, Tyson Rewards, Coke Rewards, soda tabs, and old shoes that you have collected. Box Tops writes their spring check to the school in April and all items have to be turned in to the company by March 1, 2020.  Feel free to ask your family, neighbors and other friends to save their Cash for Trash for us too.  

You can turn in your Cash for Trash to the trash can in the main office any day.  Please do your best to turn in all of your Cash 4 Trash items that are at your home ASAP since many will expire on March 1, 2020.

Please DO NOT send in Campbell's soup labels.  Campbell's no longer participates in their Labels for Education program.

Additionally, the Box Tops program is phasing out their printed and cut-out Box Tops.  They are still honoring any Box Tops that are cut off of packages and mailed in but they have stopped printing clipped Box Tops and are asking participants to scan their shopping receipts instead. Please continue to support us by getting the app and saving/scanning your receipts.  Box Tops helps the school earn hundreds of dollars every year and without those donations we will be losing a lot of our budget power to help the school.  

Please send any Cash for Trash (Box Tops, etc) to the office asap.  The next turn in date is March 1st for us to get our last check for this school year.  PTC will collect these by 2/21 so that we can have the items postmarked in time.  

Thank you for taking the time to help us get the best bang for our buck!