J.L. Mudd's Walk-A-Thon
J. L. Mudd's Walk-A-Thon
Posted on 09/10/2019
This is the image for the news article titled J. L. Mudd's Walk-A-ThonWhat is a Walk-A-Thon?
For the Walk-A-Thon, students will set goals to walk a set amount of time.  Each grade level will attend their own Walk-A-Thon event.  Kindergarten will walk for 20 minutes while 1st and 2nd grade will walk for 40 minutes.  Students will collect pledges from sponsors to help encourage them to reach their pledge goal.  Our goal is to have every student collect $20 in pledges.  That is just asking for four sponsors to pledge $5.00 each.  The more pledges a student collects, the more prizes they can earn.

Why a Walk-A-Thon?

The Walk-a-Thon teams fundraising with physical fitness goals.  Teachers and parents alike realize that being active is an extremely important part of a child's life.  This includes both time spent playing independently as well as the time that students spend together participating in a common activity.  In addition, the money raised will be invested right back to the school and the students.  The money will be used to bring more resources to our school such as books, technology, equipment, etc. 

Donations and Event Volunteers

The deadline to turn in completed pledge sheets and all money was Wednesday September, 11th.  We raised $6,981!  Thank you for your donations and support!

If you would like to volunteer to help make this a successful event for all students, please sign up here.

Our winning class was Mrs. Gerard's First Grade.  
Mrs. Gerard's Class

Thank you for your support!