Contact Information
Nurse:  Mrs. Ashley Affholder
Clinic Clerk:  Mrs. Molly Goodwin

Vision and Hearing
The Fort Zumwalt School District will provide a vision and hearing screening test to students in grades kindergarten, one, three and five.   Test results will be entered into the student’s health records.   Parents will be notified if there are any concerns as a result of these screenings and a referral will be sent home for follow up with their own physician.

If your child must be absent because of illness, please call the office to verify the absence as soon as possible. A voicemail is available on (636) 272-2709. You may call at any hour of the night. If it appears that your child is going to be out for a number of days, please contact the office and make arrangements for your child’s homework to be picked up or sent home with a sibling or another student. Please call before 12 noon to pick up homework on the day of the absence. Homework requests made after 12 noon will be ready for the student the following day.

In the event a child becomes ill or is seriously injured, the clinic will contact the parent by telephone.  Parents need to report to the office when arriving at school.  If a parent can not be reached, the nurse will call the emergency numbers listed on the student’s contact form.  In critical situations, the student will be transported immediately to the nearest hospital.

Medicine &Treatment Guidelines
Administration of prescription medication is the responsibility of the home and when possible, should not be given at school.  However, when the appropriate form (Appx. R1), SIGNED BY A DOCTOR, is filed by the parent with the school, approved prescription medication may be taken by the child when administered by school personnel in the clinic.  Prescription medication must be secured in a current, appropriately labeled pharmacy bottle.  It is suggested that medications be brought to school by the parent/guardian.  If this is not possible, the medication is to be taken to the nurse’s office immediately upon arrival at school.  Any remaining prescription medication must be picked up from the clinic by an adult.  For administration of over-the-counter medication, please contact Mrs. Affholder.   

Note on Fevers:
A student with a body temperature of 100.0 or above and who has additional indications of illness will be sent home. The district recommends that a student with a fever of 101.0 and above remain out of school for 24 hours after fever returns to normal.

Clinic Communication
Please be sure your child has a completed health inventory form on file at JLM.  If you send a note or an email to your child’s teacher regarding your child’s health, please make sure this information gets relayed our to Clinic Nurse, Mrs. Affholder, as well.       


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