Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

campus map


During arrival, both the front and back parking lots are utilized for student arrival.  The front entrance loop is for buses only.  Buses dismiss students to the school building at the same time.  The buses leave the front loop and exits onto the ONE WAY street towards the ball field located on the map as Sheppard Drive.  It is important not to travel on Sheppard Drive going the wrong way.  To better help our buses, a school personnel may stop traffic to allow buses to enter our school loop.  We ask that you kindly let them pass.  

The back parking lot is utilized for parent drop-off.  As parents enter the backlot, we ask that cars pull up to the first cone.  School personnel will be there to supervise students as they walk into school starting at 8:45.  As parents turn left from Prince Ruppert Drive to enter the back parking lot, please make sure not to block the intersection, take turns with parents exiting the back lot, and to make a complete stop.  It is important to refrain from using cell phones or other distractions to help everyone stay safe.


During dismissal, the front entrance is used for parent pick up while the backlot is used for buses.  Parents are asked to have their car sign displayed for school personnel.  If you do not have a school issued car sign, please call the office and one will be provided.  The signs are important since it dictates the order we dismiss students.  Parents are asked to enter our front loop and pull to the stop sign; thus cars will be lined up all around the loop.  It is essential cars do not enter the line from St. Matthew.  Students will exit the building and enter cars according to the marked spots on the sidewalk.  A school personnel will dismiss the first group of cars and the second group will replace them.  Please do not pull around other cars in line.  Please wait for school personnel to dismiss each group of cars. When buses in our backlot are loaded, the parent pickup line will wait while the buses are dismissed through the Prince Ruppert and Sheppard drive intersection, headed towards the ball field exit on Sheppard Drive.  It is important to not enter our car line using Sheppard Drive since it is a one way street, it avoids having cars “cut” in line, and our buses exit using this street.  Cars that enter from here may be asked to go to the end of the line.  School personnel will also be available to help direct parent pickup traffic entering the front loop.  All cars need to line up Prince Ruppert Drive (easiest way is to enter Prince Ruppert from St. Margaret and hop in line).  Refraining from using cell phones or other distractions will help keep everyone safe.  Please be respectful to our community members and do not block the driveways.  If your child needs help with seatbelts, please pull down to the park to help them.